Software & Patents 软件与专利

  1. MINFIT: A spreadsheet-based tool for parameter estimation in an equilibrium speciation software program.  中国软件著作权登记号: 2018SR990661 (化学平衡模型的参数估计软件)
  2. MINPEST: A software program to interface Visual MINTEQ with PEST for freely-customized parameter estimation based on global optimization. 中国软件著作权登记号: 2021SR0638879 (基于元数据分析的表面络合模型平衡常数优化软件V1.0)

Book/Chapters 专著

  1. *Wang, Z.*; Giammar, D.E. [Invited Chapter] Oxidation of metal contaminants mediated by manganese redox cycling under subsurface relevant conditions. in Advances in the Environmental Biogeochemistry of Manganese Oxides, Feng, X.H., Li, W., Zhu M., Sparks D.L., Eds, ACS Symposium Series, American Chemical Society and Oxford University Press, Washington D.C. 2015, Chapter 2, pp 29-50.

Journal Articles 期刊论文

* Corresponding Author; + Equal Contribution

PI: Zimeng Wang 王梓萌 (full list)

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    王梓萌*,刘勇胜,鲁安怀,王焰新. 水脉相连: 从元素相关性解析水在地球-人类系统的纽带作用. 中国科学:地球科学 , 2023, 53(10): 2425 – 2429.
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    2014 and before
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Co-PI: Zezhen Pan 潘泽真 (other key publications not included in the above list)

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Co-PI: Xiaoying Yang 杨晓英 (other key publications not included in the above list)

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